Didache Volume 07, Number 02

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Greetings and welcome to our next edition of Didache: Faithful Teaching Vol. 7:2. (January 2008) This edition offers an interesting array of articles addressing intersections between Wesleyan education and various contexts of ecclesial ministry in contemporary culture. The edition opens with a detailed and very interesting treatise by L. Bryan Williams concerning academic freedom and ecclesial oversight, an issue facing many of our institutions particularly in USA and Canada. Following this work we are treated to two different articles providing biblical and theological insight on the nature of Wesleyan education. Andrey Khobnya, a graduate of Nazarene Theological Seminary, offers a detail treatment based on his Master of Arts thesis reviewing theological and pedagogical aspects of Proverbs chapters one through nine. Tom Noble also offers an introduction to John Wesley originally drafted as a resource for conversations with persons within the Reformed tradition. Ramón Sierra expands this theological dialog by raising issues about the nature of the term “evangelical,” particularly in Latin American contexts.

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