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Save Some
A series of suggestions for...
A NASA photo of Neil Armstrong climbing down a ladder to the surface of the moon.
"One small step for a man . . . one giant leap for mankind." REFORMATION SUNDAY October 26
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Safety First: Twelve Theological Discussions

Content Notes: The existence of God...

The sun low on the horizon with a tree silhouetted.
The poem Braver Tomorrow
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Is the Bible an Infallible Revelation?

"I hope to advance in the following...

One pair of hands offering communion to another hand against a globe with the shadow of the cross over it in the background.
Worldwide Communion Sunday October 5
A green-tinted photo of looking up into a football huddle.
We Can't Afford to Lose! (See page 5.)
A red-tinted photo of the profile of a face silhouetted against the sky.
How to Think About God (See page 7.)
A collage of "soul-winning" cards.
You can win a soul to Christ. Try these five steps.