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A scrapbook page with four photos of a father greeting his children as he comes home.
Father's Day, 1966 ... Daddy's home!
Herald of Holiness - June 15, 1966

02 Father’s Day by General...

A large grain elevator.
Sources and Resources (See page 6.) "Walking Is a Big Deal," Kathryn Blackburn Peck (See page 3.)
Herald of Holiness - June 8, 1966

02 Pentecost Is Personal by General...

A tour boat travels down the a river between tall limestone cliffs.
Photo ID: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin; Fires of Fervent Prayer (See page 5.) God Is Hardly Dead (See page 3.)
Herald of Holiness - June 1, 1966

02 The Unity of Faith by General...

A revival service where an evangelist prays over two boys.
Pentecost and the Cross (See page 3.) Are we 'starving out' the evangelist? (See page 4 and 5.)
Herald of Holiness - May 25, 1966

02 Pentecost—Permanent Abiding by...

A night view of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
First Person Singular (See page 5.) Real Religion: What Is It? (See page 6.)
Herald of Holiness - May 18, 1966

02 A Song in the Night by General...

A stone plaza with a fountain and ornate doorway.
Photo ID: Old Mission Inn at Riverside, Calfornia, headquarters for the Southern California District Assembly in 1966. The Game Through a Knothole (See page 3.) A Psychiatrist Prescribes Peace (See page 6.)
Herald of Holiness - May 11, 1966

02 The Demon Discouragement by...

A view of a lake in a valley framed by flowering trees.
World Evangelism Conference (See page 13.) Mother's Day: May 8 (See special features: pages 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 12)
Herald of Holiness - May 4, 1966

02 Mother’s Memorial by General...

A young child kissing the cheek of a baby.
When Does the Service Begin? (See page 3.) Cradle Roll: All You Add Is Love (See page 13.)
Herald of Holiness - April 27, 1966

02 Lovest Thou Me? by General...

Young college-aged men standing on the steps in front of a columned building.
Choosing Your Grandchildren (See page 9.) A Case for Christian Education (See page 6.) Christian Education Sunday, April 24
Herald of Holiness - April 20, 1966

02 Surrender Without Bitterness by...

A school-aged girl smiling at the camera.
My Husband Was on the "Thresher" (See page 14.) V.B.S.: Can It Survive? (See page 4.)
Herald of Holiness - April 13, 1966

02 They Say, And Do Not by General...

A little girl in an Easter bonnet and dress kneeling by some Easter lilies
Among Forgotten Easter Sermons (See page 3.) How Haiti Gets Ready (See pages 8-9.)
Herald of Holiness - April 6, 1966

02 The Power of His Resurrection by...

A woman looking at cloth in a busy market in Guatemala.
Holy Dissatisfaction (See page 3.) Translation is the Key to Gospel Story in Guatemala. (See page 4.)
Herald of Holiness - March 30, 1966

02 Is My Name Written There? by...

A school-aged girl reading at a classroom desk.
The Book Corner (See page 14.) The Bible Can Be Taught in Public Schools (See page 12.)
Herald of Holiness - March 23, 1966

02 “Destroy Jesus” by General...

An overhead view of the Chicago River running through tall buildings and into Lake Michigan.
Photo ID: Downtown Chicago, with its canal, Twin Towers, and Wrigley Building. The Navy Pier and the Chicago filtration plant jut out into Lake Michigan. Heart Holes and Whole Hearts (See page 5.) What Has Gone Wrong with Marriage? (See page 8.)
Herald of Holiness - March 16, 1966

02 The Great Statistic by General...

A lighthouse high on a cliff as seen from a beach dozens of feet below.
Photo ID: Split Rock Lighthouse, Lake Superior, Minnesota. When Treasure Costs Too Much! (see page 5.) They, Too, Have a Religion. (see page 7.)
Herald of Holiness - March 9, 1966

02 Law in the Heart by General...

The facade of the Alamo, a historic stone fortress in Texas.
Photo ID: The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas; Every Man in His Own Language (See page 5.) How Can Lent Help Me? (See page 8.)
Herald of Holiness - March 2, 1966

02 He Is Risen by General...

The Fruit-Filled Life
The Fruit-Filled Life

13 Bible Studies for Groups


A squirrlel on a the snowy bank of a river with trees reflected in the water.
Low Cost of Commitment. Special Home Missions Supplement (See center section.)
Herald of Holiness - February 23, 1966

02 A Personal Adventure by General...