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The text of a prayer entitled On Consecration bu Rev. Edward Leigh Pell
On Consecration a prayer by Rev. Edward Leigh Pell (from the December 6, 1916, Herald of Holiness)
Herald of Holiness - December 28, 1966

02 Here It Comes by General...

A nativity scene in a puzzle piece.
Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14
Herald of Holiness - December 21, 1966

02 Seeing Stars by General...

A cyan-tinted photo of a Christmas tree and snow at night.
In the Asphalt Jungle (See page 6.) Santa or Savior (See page 3.)
Herald of Holiness - December 14, 1966

02 Steward of God’s Grace by General...

A large group of people from all nationalities walk together carrying a sign World Congress on Evangelism
Something Happened in Berlin By W.T. Purkiser (See pages 16-17.)
Herald of Holiness - December 7, 1966

02 The World of Life by General...

A green-tinted photo of wind-carved rocks and trees.
How to Make a Tireless Preacher (See page 8.) Confessions of a Pharisee (See page 4.)
Herald of Holiness - November 30, 1966

02 Peace! by General Superintendent...

NYI BE (Bengali Cover)

প্রায়শই আমাদের যুবসমাজ সুসমাচার...

A yellow-tinted photo of a white-steepled church reflected in a calm lake. A large tree and fence is in the foreground.
Chaplain in Viet Nam (See page 5.) "Thanks-Living" (See page 9.)
Herald of Holiness - November 23, 1966

02 Strengthen the Inner Man by...

A brown-tinted photo of a older man.
This Adventure Called Publishing (See page 4.) The Promise of a Mexican Farmer (See page 8.)
Herald of Holiness - November 16, 1966

02 Redeeming the Time by General...

A blue-tinted photo of a man walks across a college campus. The Canadian flag waves in the background.
Former President Charles E. Thomson looks over new Canadian Nazarene College campus. Must We Glamorize Pentecost? (See page 5.) Canadian Conference A Spiritual Highlight (See page 12.)
Herald of Holiness - November 9, 1966

02 The Beauty of God’s Will by...

An orange-tinted photo of a clay church and a woman walking in front.
Guatemalan woman passes Nazarene church in San Miguel. (See "About the Cover.") Angels in Viet Nam (See page 8.)
Herald of Holiness - November 2, 1966

02 God in the Commonplace by General...

Iglesia Infantil
Iglesia Infantil

Estamos ya en el siglo XXI ¿Qué está...

Many Haitians raise hands while listening to an evangelist speaker.
Photo ID: Evangelist Paul Martin talks to a mass of Haitian coverts who are testifying with their hands upraised that Jesus has come into their hearts. Political Morality (See page 3.) Spiritual Forces at Work in Latin Crusades (See "About the Cover," page 4, and page 7.)
Herald of Holiness - October 26, 1966

02 God Bless America by General...

A blue-tinted photo of a hand holding a dandelion puff.
From a Blacksmith's Shop (See page 3.) I Exchanged the Worthless... (See page 4.)
Herald of Holiness - October 19, 1966

02 A Vision in Retrospect by General...

A collection of photos: people in a banquet hall seated around tables, a man speaking, people kneeling in prayer.
Lay Conference is Far-reaching (See page 12 for full story of August 23-28 Miami meeting.) Saturday luncheon attracts laymen en masse in beautiful banquet hall. Statesmen Walter Judd speaks to 1,200 Nazarenes Friday night, among which is General Superintendent G.B. Williamson in the background. Hundreds seek spiritual guidance following Dr. Lawlor's Saturday night message.
Herald of Holiness - October 12, 1966

02 Christian or Pagan? by General...

An orange-tinted photo of a river running through a forest.
No Trumpet for Devotion (See page 8.) Autumn's Promise (See page 7.)
Herald of Holiness - October 5, 1966

02 Thanksgiving by General...

Ripe fruit ready for harvest. The whole picture is tinted pink.
Viewpoint Creates the Outlook (See page 5.) Flight to Freedom (See page 6.)
Herald of Holiness - September 28, 1966

02 The Great Debate by General...

A brick church with a white steeple. Two families converse over a short brick wall.
Photo ID: Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia, built in 1715 which became home to a Nazarene congregation in 1960. Is Your Consecration Confused? (See page 3.) A Father Looks at L.S.D. (See page 6.)
Herald of Holiness - September 21, 1966

02 “Straightway He Preached Christ”...

Mensajeros Para Jesús, Escuela Biblica Vacacional
Mensajeros Para Jesús, Escuela Biblica Vacacional