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A Family of Error Correcting Codes
A Family of Error Correcting Codes
Error correcting codes (ECC)...
A mirror smooth lake with moutains in the background. Inset: A woman (Ruth Vaughn) holding an open book.
Jackson Lake and the Grand Tetons, Wyoming; Rocky Mountain District Church of the Nazarene. Committed to Follow God See Page 8.
Herald of Holiness - July 7, 1965

02 To Spare or to Sacrifice by...

Sheet music of This is My Father's World; Inset: the Statue of Liberty
This is My Father's World, Hymn of the Month, July, 1965; What Price Our Freedom! See Page 6
Herald of Holiness - June 30, 1965

02 The Trumpet Never Calls Retreat...

An overhead view of a large lumber mill complex. Inset: A police officer (Roy Wilson) in dress uniform.
October Lumber Mill, Oregon Pacific District Church of the Nazarene/ He Leadeth Me See Page 6.
Herald of Holiness - June 23, 1965

02 The Better Bible by General...

A domed and colladed building seen from up high. Inset: a father helping his son look at a branch.
A Father's Task, See Page 3. State Capitol South Carolina South Carolina District Church of the Nazarene.
Herald of Holiness - June 16, 1965

02 The Strength of Quietness by...

Faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, carved into rock face. Inset: ENC doorway
A Visit to E.N.C. See Page 8. Mount Rushmore South Dakota District Church of the Nazarene.
Herald of Holiness - June 9, 1965

02 The Church: Giving and Receiving...

A fish-eye view of a printing press. Inset: a close-up of a hand operating buttons of the press.
Miehle Web Lithographic Press recently installed at the Nazarene Publishing House See Page 4.
Herald of Holiness - June 2, 1965

02 In the Power of the Spirit by...

Sheet music of the hymn "Jesus Shall Reign" Inset: a bottle of pills
Diseases Common Among Christians See Page 6. Hymn of the Month June, 1965 "Jesus Shall Reign"
Herald of Holiness - May 26, 1965

02 Contact without Contamination by...

A Los Angeles highway in the night. Inset: a man sharing a Christian tract with another person.
A Day of Unforgettable Witnessing See Page 11. Downtown Los Angeles at Night Los Angeles District Church of the Nazarene.
Herald of Holiness - May 19, 1965

02 The Outer Limits of Worldly...

Three people on an overlook with a mountain in the background. Inset: an illustration of water pouring into a hand.
Times of Refreshing See Page 6/ Mount Mitchell North Carolina District Church of the Nazarene
Herald of Holiness - May 12, 1965

02 Glad in God’s Judgments by...

A red-orange tinted photo of a Bible with carnations on top. Inset: An Aguarunan woman holding a baby.
Visit to the Aguarunas See Page 14/ Mother's Day May 9, 1965
Herald of Holiness - May 5, 1965

02 The Obedience of Faith by General...

Sheet music of the hymn Faith of Our Fathers. Inset: a flame.
The Fire of the Holy Spirit See Page 6. Hymn of the Month: Faith of Our Father May, 1965.
Herald of Holiness - April 28, 1965

02 The Holiness Church by General...

A boy and a girl looking at a Bible. Inset: Two people in front of a college building
National Christian College Day Sunday April 25, 1965 See page 2/ We All Are Witness Acts 2:32
Herald of Holiness - April 21, 1965

02 Higher Education and the Nazarene...

Easter lilies in front of the cross. Inset: an illustration of the empty tomb.
He is not here; he is risen. Matthew 28:6
Herald of Holiness - April 14, 1965

02 Easter Triumphant Verdict by...