Our Pioneer Nazarenes


1 Phineas Franklin Bresee -- Man of God's Glory
2 Christian Wismer Ruth -- Man on the Go
3 Carroll P. Lanpher -- Man from the East
4 Wenford G. Schurman -- Man of Prayer
5 Reuben A. (Bud) Robinson -- Man of Many Friends
6 Joseph Nicholas Speakes -- Man of Perfect Attendance
7 Josiah Erben Moore, Sr. -- Man with the Shepherd's Heart
8 Roselle John Plumb -- Man of Tender Spirit
9 James Wiley Short -- Man Getting the Glory Down
10 Daniel E. Higgs -- Man of Home Missions
11 Noah Benjamin Herrell -- Man of Perpetual Youth
12 Theodore and Minnie Ludwig -- A Triumphant Team
13 Charles A. Gibson -- Man of Challenge
14 C. Warren Jones -- Man of World-wide Missions
15 Asa Everette Sanner -- Man of Divine Guidance
16 Roy V. Starr -- Man of Gospel Gleam
17 John and Bona Fleming -- Sons of Thunder

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