Merging Religious Bodies Collection

The following documents represent the records, maintained by the Nazarene Archives, of the ten principal founding bodies which united or merged to form the present-day Church of the Nazarene. By "records” we mean such documents as were involved in the official pursuance of their objectives and the transactions of their business. The minutes of assembly meetings and the manuals of the several religious bodies are the principal type of records microfilmed in this project. The manuals, or similar documents, contain the bylaws, constitutions, and articles of faith which define their respective organizations. Other types of records would include various committee minutes, district or regional assembly minutes, samples of ministerial credentials, etc. Most of the several record groups will also contain a small miscellaneous category of related documents.

In this Collection

Association of Pentecostal Churches of America (1895-1907)

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Church of the Nazarene--Los Angeles (1895-1907)

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