Thomas W. Klewin

Thomas W. Klewin was a retired Air Force chaplain, Lutheran minister, and writer, who resided in Crapaud, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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Language: English

Herald of Holiness - August 1, 1980

William E. McCumber
Eugene L. Stowe
Thomas W. Klewin
Thomas G. Nees
David Losey
Ross Hayslip
Les Bearden
Neil Hightower
Frances B. Erickson
Lowell E. Houston
John W. May
Mabel P. Adamson
Elaine Cunningham
Raymond W. Hurn
Libby Perkins
Edna Moore Schultz
Wally Johnston
A small bird on a branch.
"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father... you are worth more than many sparrows." (Matthew 10:29, 31, NIV)

2 When God Doesn't Deliver, General Superintendent: Eugene L. Stowe
3 "Good for You, God", Thomas W. Klewin
4 A Pit Stop on the Way to Hell, Tom Nees
6 Discipleship: Association with Sinners, David Losey
7 Are You a Spectator or Participant in Worship?, Ross W. Hayslip
8 Tuning in to God, Les Bearden
9 An Open Letter to the Editor Re: The Abortion Issue, Neil E. Hightower
9 There's a Miracle Ahead, Frances B. Erickson
10 A Painful Memory, "The Other Boy"

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Herald of Holiness - January 15, 1980

William E. McCumber
V. H. Lewis
Ross Hayslip
Bob Boyd
Clessen K. Scoles
Judith M. Berge
Milo L. Arnold
Mabel P. Adamson
Aileen Stark
Leon Chambers
Rose Braatz
Earl G. Lee
Thomas W. Klewin
Dean Wessels
Neil Wiseman
Wayne M. Warner
Pearl O. Burnside McKinney
Helen Leeper
Sharon Brilla
A father and mother helping their daughters get ready for church.
Photo ID: Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Speicher; Kristi and Karee Snyder.

2 The Year Is Young: Time Is Old, General Superintendent: V. H. Lewis
3 Take Time to Read, Ross W. Hayslip
4 Christian Books in Moscow, Bub Boyd
5 Take My Lips (a poem), Clessen K. Scoles
6 Love Your Opposite-Person, Judith M. Berge
7 Challenged to Become Better, Milo L. Arnold
8 An "L.E." Patient Finds Joy, Aileen Stark
8 Family Oneness (a poem), Mabel P. Adamson
9 Book Brief: The Years of the Beast, Leon Chambers
10 What Are Your Children Hearing?, Rose Braatz

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Herald of Holiness - July 1, 1981

William E. McCumber
William M. Greathouse
C. Neil Strait
Sue Prentice
Chris Grauman
William L. Poteet
Henry W. Stroman
Ruth Gibson
Jorge de Barros
Mary Lou McClung
Carlos H. Sparks
Thomas W. Klewin
James F. Sorrell
Gordon Chilvers
Alton Hacker
Virginia A. Copling
Randal Earl Denny
Pauline E. Spray
Dana M. Walling
Arlene Swain
Michael E. Grimshaw
Children playing on a fenced in playground with a church in the background.
Children's Day, July 12

2 Holiness and Happiness, General Superintendent: William M. Greathouse
3 The Joy of Discovery!, C. Neil Strait
4 Letters
5 Your House Is Cleaner Than Ours, Sue Prentice
5 Leave and Believe (a poem), Chris Grauman
6 Fences, William L. Poteet
7 The Handicapped Are God's Children Too, Henry W. Stroman
8 There's Just Something About a Baby That Causes Change, Ruth Gibson
9 The Lost Shepherd, Jorge de Barros
10 Commit, Trust, and Rest, Mary Lou McClung
11 Love Is Positive, Carlos H. Sparks

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