Heart for the Lost

JESUS Film Harvest Partners: Sharing God's love with the lost to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Finding Faith in Ghana

Mathais tells the story of how the Jesus Film has worked full circle in his life.

Tell The Story

Story-Based Discipleship Plan


Steppingstones Discipleship Series

Steppingstones Discipleship Series is a set of materials designed to lead someone from a decision for Christ to an understanding of the Christian life and faith and into Church membership. Lessons can be used to teach one individual or a class of new believers.

Broken into two booklets:

Booklet A: First Steps
Booklet B: Going Deeper


Pre-Literate Stick Figures

Stick Figure chart booklets are designed to disciple semi- and pre-literate believers. Once a person learns the significance of each line drawing, he or she can apply this to each of the lessons and understand the scriptural truth being taught.

Broken Into Three Main Standards:

Standard A: Knowing and Following Jesus
Standard B: Learning to Pray
Standard C: Be Filled with the Holy Spirit


Make Disciples

Make Disciples is a series of practical life application lessons based on Bible scriptures to help teens grow in their new faith and learn to walk the Christian lifestyle. The lessons focus on understanding who Jesus is, how we respond to Him and how to know Jesus through a church community. The lessons are intended for group sharing and discussion.


The Life of Jesus in 15 Acts

Using clips from the JESUS Film, The Life of Jesus in 15 Acts is a highly effective Evangelism tools developed by the South America Region that will help you to: (1) carry out the Great Commission; (2) work with others as a team; (3) train others to do evangelism; (4) teach a genuine Christian message; (5) use it in small groups and homes.


Following Jesus, My Friend - Children's Lessons

Following Jesus, My Friend teaches children how to understand and relate to Jesus. Each lesson is centered around an activity handout.


Following Jesus

Following Jesus Discipleship Program uses stories from the book of Luke for the lessons. This program answers two questions: "Who is Jesus?" and "What does it mean to be His disciple." The lessons, including questions and activities, are designed for oral instruction to a group of new Christians.

These lessons fall into three 'standards':

Standard A -- Who is Jesus and what does it mean to follow Him?
Standard B -- What does it mean to be 'in Christ'?
Standard C -- What does it mean to be a part of the people of God?



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