The Bible Speaks to Me About My Witness

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Charles "Chic" Shaver

CHARLES "Chic" SHAVER, in this final book of "The Bible Speaks to Me" series, intersects the Scriptures with life on the vital subject of Christian witness. Practical counsel and illustrations challenge the student to new heights in radiating God's light to those who are in darkness.

Following Jesus

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Neville Bartle

Starting a Multi-Cultural Ministry in Your Local Church

This workshop is intended to help English-speaking congregations as they reach out to the Hispanic and multicultural families near them. We will discuss starting a new work, side-by-side congregations, and cooperating ministries.

Rescued by Fire - Diego's Story

The gripping story of a teenager, formerly involved in Satanism, invited to a JESUS Film showing by a Christian friend whose life is transformed by JESUS. (7min:01sec)

Using the JESUS Film

This video shows how the JESUS Film is being used in Central Guatemala to reach new areas and plant new churches. 700 prayer warriors are the foundation of their outreach program that uses the JESUS Film and the EvangeCube to do evangelism. (3min:15sec)

Transforming Communities with the JESUS Film

This video shows how the JESUS Film ministry helps plant churches and transform communities in Africa. (1min:19sec)

TOBIAS Discipleship Series

This news clip tells the story of how the TOBIAS discipleship series was developed on the South America Region to disciple Spanish speaking new believers reached through the JESUS Film. (1min:00sec)

Thomas Malepe's Testimony

Thomas was a troubled youth who had just stolen a gun when he saw the JESUS Film in Africa. He accepted Christ and now he is pastoring a church. (4min:41)

Redeemed by Grace - The Tarjeta Miguel Dutan Story

Miguel grew up believing he was worthless, and struggled knowing what to do with his life. Thankfully, his uncle Hugo took him in and invited him to a church started by the JESUS Film. That night, Miguel discovered Someone did love him, and he gave his life to Christ. (3min:20sec)

Julian's Miracle

Baby Julian, who previously couldn't walk, is healed through the ministry of the JESUS Film team and faithful prayers of local ministers. (3min:05sec)


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