Shirlene Braswell

Shirlene Braswell was a poet residing in Bethany, Oklahoma, in the 1970s.

From Herald of Holiness - February 13, 1974.

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Language: English

Herald of Holiness - February 13, 1974

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
V. H. Lewis
Roger E. Bowman
Nell June McCall
Jean Leathers Phillips
J. Grant, Jr. Swank
Clarence Jacobs
Milo L. Arnold
Lyle P. Flinner
C. William Fisher
Shirlene Braswell
J. V. Wilbanks
Neil Hightower
Louis A. Bouck
E. Drell Allen
Aarlie J. Hull
Pauline E. Spray
The sun shining over the horizon.
"People are like the sunshine--many-colored. We are red, yellow, gold, brown, black, and white. Color culture often separate one group from anouth, but in Christ we are brothers.

02 Your Heart Shall Live Forever by General Superintendent V.H. Lewis
03 True Soul Brothers by Roger E. Bowman
04 Your Thoguths are Showing by Neil June McCall
04 Memory by Jean Leathers Phillips
05 Is That What Hell's Like? by J. Grant Swank, Jr.
06 Personal Evangelism in the City by Clarence Jacobs
08 The Burden of the Moral by Milo L. Arnold
09 No Closed Doors to Truth by Lyle P. Flinner
10 The Bridge is Love... Across the Color Gap by C. William Fisher
11 Faith by Shirlene Braswell

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Herald of Holiness - May 22, 1974

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
George Coulter
Pauline E. Spray
Pam Nickerson
Richard A. Miller
C. Neil Strait
Russell F. Metcalfe, Jr.
Lyle P. Flinner
Geraldine Nicholas
Randy Michael
Shirlene Braswell
Theodore W. Willingham
Harold DeMott
Wil M. Spaite
Clifford, Jr. Chew
John C. Oster
Aarlie J. Hull
Jack Wayne Furbee
A collage of tissue paper with a white dove and the words "By My Spirit..."
"By My Spirit..." Vacation Bible School Sunday - May 26/ Memorial Day - May 27/ Pentecost (Whitsunday) - June 2

02 The Miracle of Pentecost by General Superintendent George Coulter
03 "Tie a Knot and Hang On" by Pauline E. Spray
04 To James: I Love You by Pam Nickerson
04 Today by Richard Miller
05 Have a Good Day by C. Neil Strait
06 Pentecost or Babel...Today! by Russell Metcalfe
07 Accepting Others by Lyle P. Flinner
08 Tribute to Derek by Geraldine Nicholas
10 Sanctification: The Holy Spirit in His Fullness by Randy Michael
11 Brother Joe by Shirlene Webb Braswell

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Herald of Holiness - September 25, 1974

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Orville Jenkins
Paul R. Martin
Kathryn Blackburn Peck
E. Drell Allen
Thomas G. Nees
Howard H. (Howard Harley) Hamlin
Ross Hayslip
Shirlene Braswell
Bob Dipert
Wil M. Spaite
Leon F. Wyss
Lyle P. Flinner
Ernest E. Grosse
Aarlie J. Hull
Woodie Stevens
Many people gathered on a roof of a concrete building with trees and mountains (Swiss Alps) in the background.
Photo ID: Fiesch, Switzerland, scene from World Youth Congress

02 Steps to the Spirit-filled Life by General Superintendent Orville W. Jenkins
03 Around the House by Paul Martin
04 The Promise by Shirlene Webb Braswell
04 Unanswered Prayers by Kathryn Blackburn Peck
05 H-E-L-P! by E. Drell Allen
06 Don't Honk if You Love Jesus by Tom Nees
08 "As I Was ... So Will I Be" by Howard H. Hamlin
11 "Beyond The Sunset" by Ross W. Hayslip
11 Lots and Lives by Bob Dipert
12 What a Layman Can do For a Pastor by Wil M. Spaite
14 Let One Virtue Endure by Leon F. Wyss

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