Robert Hudson

Robert Hudson was an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene pastoring congregations in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. He also served as a missionary in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico and district superintendent, field supervisor and bible school director of Nicaragua Bible Institute. He retired to Nampa, Idaho where he continued service as a bus driver for Sunday School and public school. He was married to Donna and father to Kim, Kara, and Nikki.

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Herald of Holiness - August 15, 1988

William E. McCumber
Curt Bowers
Dale D. Hatfield
C. H. Tazelaar
William H. Bridges
Ivan Beals
Albert J. Lown
John F. Hay
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Cindy L. Briggs
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Robert Hudson
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Herald of Holiness - June 15, 1981

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