A map of the proposed 1966 Nazarene Evangelist Ambassador Trip and pictures of leaders.
New Feature: Toward Abundant Living! (See page 5.) Coordinators Named, Schedule Set for 1966 Ambassador Trip Team 1: H.T. Reza Team 2: Paul Orjala; Plans Take Shape for Student Evangelists (See page 12.)
Herald of Holiness - November 3, 1965

02 High Standards by General...

The sheet music of There's a Wideness over a red-tinted photo of a shoreline.
There's a Wideness; Luther Overcame Religious Trivia (See page 5.)
Herald of Holiness - October 27, 1965

02 Living for Him – Not For...

A blue-tinted photo of a midcentury-modern entryway of the Manned Spacecraft Center.
Nerve Center for Space Program: Houston District; "Get me out of this mess..." (See page 5)
Herald of Holiness - October 20, 1965

02 Faith Ventures by General...