Recent Additions to the Library

An orange-tinted photo of a river running through a forest.
No Trumpet for Devotion (See page 8.) Autumn's Promise (See page 7.)
Herald of Holiness - October 5, 1966

02 Thanksgiving by General...

Ripe fruit ready for harvest. The whole picture is tinted pink.
Viewpoint Creates the Outlook (See page 5.) Flight to Freedom (See page 6.)
Herald of Holiness - September 28, 1966

02 The Great Debate by General...

A brick church with a white steeple. Two families converse over a short brick wall.
Photo ID: Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia, built in 1715 which became home to a Nazarene congregation in 1960. Is Your Consecration Confused? (See page 3.) A Father Looks at L.S.D. (See page 6.)
Herald of Holiness - September 21, 1966

02 “Straightway He Preached Christ”...

Mensajeros Para Jesús, Escuela Biblica Vacacional
Mensajeros Para Jesús, Escuela Biblica Vacacional


Preservación de la Biblia atráves de los tiempos
Preservación de la Biblia atráves de los tiempos

Dios puede usar a los niños para...

Nazarene teens watch a skit provided by Los Angeles District delegates at the Teen Institute at Estes Park, Colorado.
A Trilogy of Tragedies By Paul S. Rees (See page 8.) 1,200 Teens Attend Estes Park Conclave (See pages 12-15.)
Herald of Holiness - September 14, 1966

02 Take a Look at Tomorrow by...

An astronaut repairing an instrument in space with the Earth in the background.
Outer Space and Inner Peace (See page 9.) It takes faith to step into tomorrow.
Herald of Holiness - September 7, 1966

02 The Timeless World In a Changing...

Driftwood on the shore of a large lake.
Photo ID: Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho; Friend to Misfits (See page 6.) A Diamond in a Loaf of Cracked Wheat Bread (See page 5.)
Herald of Holiness - August 31, 1966

02 “He Shall Teach You” by General...

A man and a woman listen to a lecture in their missionary training.
Photo ID: Norlyn and Bobbie Brough; The Holy Spirit and Traffic Safety (See page 6.) Missionaries Go to School (See "About the Cover," page 4; and pages 12 and 13.)
Herald of Holiness - August 24, 1966

02 The Divine Equation by General...

The Sir Walter Scott monument on Princes Street in Edinburgh, Scotland, towers over the busy shoppers on the street below.
God in the Operation (See page 3.) In Search of Real Brotherhood (See page 6.)
Herald of Holiness - August 17, 1966

02 Desirable Maladjustment by...

A statement about Faith by V. Raymond Edman
Herald of Holiness - August 10, 1966

02 Let God be God by General...

Two men look at a large Bible.
The Return of the King's English (See "About the Cover," page 4.) Are Tent Meetings Outdated? (See page 6.)
Herald of Holiness - August 3, 1966

02 It Is Not Surprising by General...

A red-orange-tinted photo of a sunset over the ocean off the coast of El Salvador.
Photo ID: El Salvador Sunset (See "About the Cover," page 4.) The Image of the Church (See page 3.) They Gave Me the Melody by George Beverly Shea (See page 6.)
Herald of Holiness - July 27, 1966

02 The God Who Answers by General...

A picture of a metal statue of 6 birds in flight.
Photo ID: Swallows in Solid State an installation at Lloyd Center Portland, Oregon (See "About the Cover," page 4.) No, Never Alone (See page 8.) For Wings and Wheels (See page 3.)
Herald of Holiness - July 20, 1966

02 Worship by General Superintendent...

A red-tinted photo of a rose bloom.
Message for the North Woods; Are Sweepstakes Really Sweeping? (See page 12.)
Herald of Holiness - July 13, 1966

02 An Investment—Not An Expense by...

A man sits on a rock looking out over the Pacific Ocean. A bare gnarled cypress dominates the foreground.
Wesleyans, Pilgriams Vote Merger (See page 18.) A gnarled cypress overlooks the Pacific.
Herald of Holiness - July 6, 1966

02 The Person or The Place by...

Boy scouts canoeing past a bluff down the Buffalo River in Arkansas.
Dust in the Heart (See page 7.)
Herald of Holiness - June 29, 1966

02 The Seeing Eye by General...

A man in a suit in the middle of talking.
Photo ID: Enrique Rosales "Preachers Made to Order" See page 6-7 (Also, "About This Issue," page 4.) Leftovers Again (See page 8.)
Herald of Holiness - June 22, 1966

02 “No Difference” by General...