Milton E. Poole

Milton E. Poole was a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene in Texas, California, and Massachusetts. He was married to Rubena and father to Milton, Anne, Dorothy, and Sallie.


Information gathered from "Rubena Welch Poole." (2012, October 19). Victoria Advocate. Retrieved from

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Herald of Holiness - February 15, 1961

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Gideon B. (Gideon Brooks) Williamson
T. E. Martin
Milton E. Poole
Daniel Steele
C. G. Schlosser
Charsten Christensen
James A. Hamilton
Marian L. Knorr
William F. Knowles
Flora E. Breck
Bill Burch
James F. Ballew
Wilson R. Lanpher
First page of Herald of Holiness with Superintendent Williamson's article.

01 “A Magic Potion” by General Superintendent Williamson
03 Once to Every Man by T.E. Martin
04 The Holy Spirit and Soul Winning by Milton Poole

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Herald of Holiness - January 26, 1966

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Hardy C. Powers
Paul M. Miller
Raymond C. Kratzer
Bill Sharp
J. J. Steele
Frankie Roland
Milton E. Poole
Edward Thompson
Jack M. Scharn
Ralph Earle
A young man gazing off in front of large evergreen trees.
Youth Week, 1966: ...Among the Restless Ones (See page 3.)

02 Guidance and Goodness by General Superintendent Powers 03 The Restless Ones by Paul Miller 05 Where Readiness Counts Most by Raymond C. Kratzer 06 Fired Up-Or Fed Up? by Bill Sharp 06 Our Abilities to Choose by J. J. Steele 07 No Young People Were There by Frankie Roland 08 How Much Do I Care? by Milton E. Poole 09 Redemptive Fellowship: What Is It? by Edward Thompson 10 Editorially Speaking by W. T. Purkiser 11 By Birth and Rebirth by Jack M.

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Herald of Holiness - July 11, 1962

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
D. I. (Daniel I.) Vanderpool
Brian L. Farmer
Milton E. Poole
Winfred Ritter
David J. Tarrant
Rex Olson
Robert L. Leffel
M. V. Scutt
Mary Hawks
Marian L. Knorr
Kathryn Blackburn Peck
Men and women lined up to enter a church meeting.
Evangelism First 1960-1964

General Articles

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Herald of Holiness - October 10, 1962

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
V. H. Lewis
H. Harvey Hendershot
Eric E. Jorden
Milo L. Arnold
Mary H. Augsbury
Holland Lewis
Delmar Stalter
Milton E. Poole
Milton Harrington
R. B. Grubbs
Berniece Ayers Hall
Frances B. Erickson
Several Jordanian men gathered in a circle.
Evangelism First 1960-1964; Amman Capital city of Jordan

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