Lois Brinkley

Lois Brinkley resided in Tulsa, Oklahoma where her husband pastored the Calvary Church of the Nazarene.

From Herald of Holiness - January 1, 1984.

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Herald of Holiness - January 1, 1984

William E. McCumber
Charles Strickland
Mary E. Latham
Mervel A. Lunn
Gordon Chilvers
Geraldine Nicholas
Donna J. Woodring
Ivan Beals
William Goodman
Alice Hansche Mortenson
Herbert McGonigle
C. Neil Strait
Lois Brinkley
Trish Jackson
Raus Goodman, Jr.
Wilma Goodman
Stephen Manley
Evelyn Stenbock Ditty
G. Roger Schoenhals
Julie Small
Norma Harrington
Book covers against an abstract painting of red and orange with a paint knife.
A lengthy note from Bud Lunn, Manager of the Nazarene Publishing House, in honor of NPH Sunday.

2 Nazarene Publishing House – Our Heritage, General Superintendent: Charles H. Strickland
3 In the Desert, Mary E. Latham
4 Letters
5 75th Anniversary… and On, M. A. (Bud) Lunn
6 Certainties for the New Year, Gordon Chilvers
7 Expectancy (a Poem), Geraldine Nicholas
7 Rejected, Donna J. Woodring
8 Our Heritage Is Not Heredity, Ivan A. Beals
9 Opportunity for Prayer, William Goodman
9 Sunset Prayer (a Poem), Alice Hansche Mortenson
10 Thank God for Epworth!, Herbert McGonigle

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Herald of Holiness - October 23, 1974

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
V. H. Lewis
Vernon L. Wilcox
L. J. Dauderman
Kathryn Blackburn Peck
David K. Kline
Samuel L. Dunn
Floyd Paul Dunn
Leslie Wooten
Lyle P. Flinner
Ivan Beals
Lois Brinkley
E. G. Benson
Henry M. Lunde
John W. May
Larry H. Lewis
J. Melton Thomas
Aarlie J. Hull
Edward F. Cox
A red barn reflected in still water in the fall.

02 Quotes from a Good Book by General Superintendent V.H. Lewis
03 I've Been Clipping Coupons! by Vernon L. Wilcox
04 To The Faithful by L.J. Dauderman
04 Gardens by Kathryn Blackburn Peck
05 I'm Going to Be Lonely, Alone by David K. Kline
06 A Christian View of Vocation by Floyd Paul and Samuel L. Dunn
08 Christian, Climb Higher! by Leslie Wooten
09 Resources of Grace by Lyle P. Flinner
10 The Perseverance of a Pure Heart by Ivan A. Beals
11 "We Wanted To...We Love You!" by Lois Brinkley

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