Janey L. Phillips

Janey L. Phillips was editorial assistant in the division of Vacation Bible Schools.


From Herald of Holiness - March 11, 1964.

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Herald of Holiness - March 11, 1964

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
D. I. (Daniel I.) Vanderpool
T. Crichton Mitchell
James A. Hamilton
William D., Jr., McGraw
Lois Anne Williams
Virginia Kirley Leih
Ovella Satre Shafer
Janey L. Phillips
Orval W. Akers
J. V. Wilbanks
Jack M. Scharn
A woman helping a small child read the Bible. Inset: several children standing on church steps.
Evangelism First 1960-1964; Vacation Bible School 1964 "Discovering God's Way"

02 Heart Purity by General Superintendent Vanderpool

03 The Eyes of the Clean Heart by T. Crichton Mitchell

04 The Devil in Kid Gloves by James A. Hamilton

05 Ambassador or Spy? By W. D. McGraw

05 Spring’s Story by Lois Anne Williams

06 Found any Angels Lately? by Virginia Kirley Leih

07 “Jesus Saves” by Ovella Satre Shafer

09 The Changing Role of V.B.S. by Janey L. Phillips

09 Consistency from a Pastor’s Point of View by Orval W. Akers

10 Holiness: The Instantaneous Blessing by J. V. Wilbanks

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