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Herald of Holiness - February 12, 1964

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Samuel Young
Raymond W. Hurn
Dallas Baggett
Ila R. Monday
L. Guy Nees
C. Neil Strait
J. V. Wilbanks
Frank Howie
Jack M. Scharn
Bob Quanstrom
Dorothy Crites
C. W. Ruth
Geneva Hunting
An aerial view of a building with many cares parked around it. Inset: a Bible with a cross over it.
Evangelism First 1960-1964; District Center Northeastern Indiana Marion, Indiana; World Day of Prayer February 14, 1964;

02 Without Discrimination by General Superintendent Young

03 Holiness means “All for Jesus” by Raymond W. Hurn

04 Are You an Alpaca? By Dallas Baggett

04 A Simple Prayer by Ila R. Monday

05 The Role of the Church in Today’s Social Revolution by L. Guy Nees

06 Increase of Faith by C. Neil Strait

07 Must a Christian Tithe? By J. V. Wilbanks

08 Your Beautiful Home by Frank Howie

09 Channel of Charity by Jack M. Scharn

09 Wordless Talking by Robert Quanstrom

10 God Still Answers Prayer! By Dorothy Crites

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Herald of Holiness - February 24, 1965

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Hardy C. Powers
Ross Hayslip
Jack M. Scharn
W. B. Walker
R. Franklin Cook
Lauriston J. Du Bois
Joyce Leth
James H. Jackson
E. E. Wordsworth
Ila R. Monday
William Goodman
E. S. Phillips
Brian L. Farmer
Sheet Music for the hymn Jesus, Thine All-victorious Love; Inset: a man speaking.
January Photo Report See page 19; Hymn of the Month March, 1965

02 Watch and Pray by General Superintendent Powers

03 The Food of Obedience by Ross W. Hayslip

03 Disgrace and Grace by Jack M. Scharn

04 How Can We Gain Victory in Prayer? by Evangelist W. B. Walker

05 Missionaries in the Forefront by Franklin Cook

06 Upon the Holy Mountain by Joyce Leth

06 Account Past Due! by Lauriston J. DuBois

07 The Uniqueness of Christianity by James H. Jackson

08 The Purpose of Christ’s Second Coming by E. E. Wordsworth

08 God Mends by Ila R. Monday

09 My Duty to My Neighbor by William Goodman

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Herald of Holiness - January 23, 1963

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Gideon B. (Gideon Brooks) Williamson
Paul M. Miller
Vernon L. Wilcox
Kathryn Blackburn Peck
Ruth Wood Vaughn
Lyle Prescott
Peter W. Green
Milo L. Arnold
Ila R. Monday
Berniece Ayers Hall
Young men and women gathered around the Bible.
Evangelism First 1960-1964; Youth Week January 27-February 3.

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Herald of Holiness - March 3, 1965

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Hugh C. Benner
John W. May
Harley E. Bye
Curtis Chambers
William A. Tolbert
James E. Adams
Viola E. Hodge
Mrs. Everett S. Phillips
J. McCray Holmes
Dorothy S. Hampton
Ruth Wood Vaughn
Ila R. Monday
William J. Nichols
Milo L. Arnold
Richard Louwrens
Grace V. Watkins
Viola E. Hodge
Mrs. F. Griffith
Sylvan F. Starks
Delmar Stalter
Paul Skiles
Brian L. Farmer
Three children playing in wagons. Inset: General Board Meet.
General Board Meeting See Page 27 / Children are an heritage of the Lord Psalms 127:3 / For the Whole Family Eight Extra Page

02 EASTER Missionary Offering by General Superintendent Benner
03 A Central Experience by John W. May
04 Discord in Your Home by Harley E. Bye
05 The Dilemma of Discipline by Curtis Chambers
06 Maximum Security by William A. Tolbert
07 Don’t Lose Your Leisure by James E. Adams
07 Assurance by Viola E. Hodge
08 God’s Timetable by Mrs. Everett S. Phillips
08 “No Man Cared” by J. McCray Holmes
09 On Finding a Place of Service by Dorothy S. Hampton
10 I Must Get ALONE with Christ! By Ruth Vaughn

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