Herald of Holiness - September 2, 1964

A large waterfall; Inset: a couple walking out of church.
In the Power of the Spirit; Havasu Falls, Arizona, U.S.A.; And Now, to LIVE! See Page 4.

02 Our Christ: Compassionate and Capable by Hardy C. Powers

04 And Now … Live! By C. William Fisher

06 God has Transformed my Life! By Ulf Kristoffersen

07 A Layman’s Understanding of the Holy Spirit by Paul T. Culbertson

09 God’s Leadership by Robert Reza

10 Intercession for Us! By Brian L. Farmer

12 News in Picture

14 The Baptism with the Holy Spirit by John W. May

15 God is Moving by Fletcher Spruce

16 What are you going to do about it? By Carlton L. Burlison

18 Renewal Now! By Mary H. Augsbury

19 The Healing Ministry of Jesus by Mendell Taylor


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