Herald of Holiness - October 7, 1964

A mid-century modern church front; Top R: A family gathered around a piano; Bottom R: A man with his two daughters.
Columbus, Ohio, First Church, Central Ohio District, Church of the Nazarene; For the Whole Family; Preparing Your Child for School, See Page 16.

02 Will Our House Fall? By General Superintendent Young

03 Purity … Without Strain by J. Ray Shadowens

03 Power of Pentecost by Jack M. Scharn

04 The Church: A Redemptive Community by C. Neil Strait

05 Guardian Maintenance by James Shrider

06 God’s Way of Perfect Love by Edward G. Wyman

07 No “Bypasses” to Heaven by Joshua Wagner

08 Gracious Speech by Hilma Phillips Bouck

09 Revival in Our Day by Michael Hutchens

09 God’s Great Symphony by Joyce Leth

10 Supreme Love by Joseph D. Wright

11 Why We Don’t Adjust by Milo L. Arnold

12 The Better Way by Mary Hawks

12 Worry: Doubt's Destructive Twin by Rex Olson

13 Warning to Teen-agers by J. Edgar Hoover

14 “I Can Do the Impossible!” By Ruth Vaughn

15 They that are Sick by Doris Schumann

16 Preparing your Child for School by William J. Nichols

18 A Story-Note from…

19 Editorials by W. T. Purkiser

20 When We Pray by Grace V. Watkins

21 The Church at Work

25 The Answer Corner by W. T. Purkiser

26 Late News

26 News of the Religious World

27 News in Picture


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