Herald of Holiness - May 1, 1988

A causasian man sits on the floor holding his son, while a woman sits on the couch behind and a older girl tickles the boy's chi
Nazarene Family Week May 1-8/ Church of the Nazarene

4 My Mother's Unusual Monument, Rob L. Staples
5 Mother Held Us True, Keith Smith
6 Grandma Prayed, Pauline Dunn
7 What Next?, John W. May
8 Little Things Do Count, Elinor Bjornstad
11 The Genesis of Tobacco, Robert D. Hambrick
12 Mom Is Here!, Jerry McCant
13 The Kingdom of God and the Local Church Mission Society, Dan Boone
14 Peter's Brother, G. Roger Schoenhals
15 Make God's Glory Your Goal, Wayne M. Warner

8 Mother’s Investments, Orville Clark
21 A Mighty Fortress, Charsten Christensen

2 My Tribute, General Superintendent: Eugene L. Stowe
10 Family Matters, When Depression Strikes - Dorothy Tarrant
16 Chaplains and Changed Lives, His Mantle Fell on Me - Nina E. Beegle
18 The Editor's Standpoint, W. E. McCumber
21 By All Means, We Claimed a Miracle - Ernie Gray

20 Answer Corner
20 Letters
22 In the News
33 News of Religion
35 Late News


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