Herald of Holiness - May 1, 1968

A young child smelling a flower.

02 I Know and Am Persuaded By General Superintendent Williamson
03 A Proclamation By the Board of General Superintendents
04 God and Mathematics By Ruth Teasdale
06 Holiness and a Case in Situational Ethics By Mel-Thomas Rothwell
07 Magazines and Coffee Tables By Berniece Roer Neal
08 Memphis: It Can't Happen Here By Jacklyn W. Shockley
09 When a Nation Remembers God in Crisis By Hardy C. Powers
10 Editorially Speaking By W. T. Purkiser
12 Use Them, or Lose Them By Hugh C. Benner
14 Campus Commentary By Willis Snowbarger
15 Of People and Places
16 Pro/Con: Letters to the Editor
17 Vital Statistics
17 News of Religion
19 Next Sunday's Lesson by Albert J. Lown
19 The Answer Corner Conducted by W. T. Purkiser


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