Herald of Holiness - March 5, 1969

A young girl kneeling bedside a bed praying.

02 The Stone of Stumbling By General Superintendent Young

03 I Did Not Pray... By Louis A. Bouck

04 So This Is Life: Comfort We Can Afford By Milo L. Arnold

05 Life Is Where the Table's Waiting By Philip N. Metcalfe

06 Helps to Holy Living: The High Cost of Holiness By L. Wayne Sears

06 50 Years Ago... In the Herald of Holiness B. F. Haynes

07 Faith Is a Red-Checked Umbrella By Ann Kiemel

08 Target: Lightship By Clifford Chew, Jr.

09 In This World By Beverly Dibble

10 Editorially Speaking By W. T. Purkiser

11 The Secret Key By Wauneta Hackleman

12 Campus Commentary By Dr. Willis Snowbarger

13 A Baby Is Dedicated--and Received a Letter from the Pastor By Byron C. Ford

14 Pro/Con: Letters to the Editor

15 Of People and Places

16 Vital Statistics

16 News of Religion

17 Late News

18 Next Sunday's Lesson By W. E. McCumber

18 The Answer Corner Conducted by W. T. Purkiser

20 "By All Means... Save Some" A Study in Priorities By George L. Smith


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