Herald of Holiness - March 4, 1959

A red cover with a black music note--a special edition.
Herald of Holiness Special Issue 1959 "Holiness unto the Lord" Rejoice and Sing!

01 Cover

02 Haldor Lillenas … Purveyor of Praise by J. William Ellis

03 Rejoice and Sing by Samuel Young

05 Charles Wesley … Our Orpheus by T. Crichton Mitchell

06 Music and Worship by Floyd W. Hawkins

08 Our Colleges … Music-minded by Reuben R. Welch

10 Holy Holy Holy by Stephen S. White

11 Music and the Home by Norman R. Oke

13 The Singing Faith by Roy F. Stevens

14 Youth and Music by Eugene Stowe

16 Singing in the Shadows by E. E. Wordsworth

17 The Songs of Personal Witness by Al Ramquist

18 Official Directory

19 “Holiness unto the Lord”


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