Herald of Holiness - March 15, 1988

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Nothing Can Separate Us from the Love of God/ "Receive the Holy Spirit"/ Patience in Prayer/ Church of the Nazarene

4 Making Christianity Credible, Stan Meek
6 “Receive the Holy Spirit”, Frank G. Carver
7 A Continuing Story, Robert H. Scott
8 Nothing Can Separate Us from the Love of God, Michael J. Christensen
10 Patience in Prayer, J. Grant Swank, Jr.
12 Our Comforting Attorney, Morris Chalfant
14 “Grace” Sings It All, J. Ray Shadowens
16 The New Age… The Old Lie, John D. Wilcox

5 The Sin Issue, Jeanne Barbasiewicz Hoogstad
5 Simon the Cyrene, E. Ruth Glover
13 Red Blood on the Hammers and Then Came Easter, Charles Hastings Smith
15 The Little Child Was Now A Man and Who Will Move the Stone?, Richard A. Miller

2 An Angel Speaks, General Superintendent: Charles H. Strickland
9 “Because You Gave…”, Bursting Out Down Under - Jeanne Burges
11 Nazarene Roots: Easter Faith and Suffering Humanity: The Early Nazarene Way
18 The Editor’s Standpoint, W. E. McCumber
21 By All Means, A Peace That Showed - Robert Shephard

20 Answer Corner
20 Letters
22 In the News
33 News of Religion
35 Late News


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