HERALD OF HOLINESS - March 1, 1997

Cover Photo Credit: Bob Watkins, Art & Etc., Inc.
2 Drug-Proof Your Kids, Steve Arterburn and Jim Burns
13 New “Manners”: An Excuse for ’90s Immorality?, Tina Krause
20 The Convincing Power of the Cross, Mark S. Copley
22 My Resurrection Story, Cathy Mogus
24 Easter: The Heart of the Faith, Calvin Miller
30 Entire Sanctification: The Questions You Asked, Frank Moore
46 The Message of the Cross, Thomas L. Cook
14 Into the Word, Roger L. Hahn
16 General Superintendent’s Viewpoint, John A. Knight
17 The Family Album, Jerry & Lynda Cohagan
18 Over 60, C. Ellen Watts
19 Words of Faith, Rob L. Staples
32 Creative Brooding, Dean Nelson
35 Observer at Large, John C. Bowling
36 In a Woman’s Voice, Susan Hanson Bates
37 Masculine Journey, Mark Metcalfe
7 Late News
8 Editor’s Choice, Wesley D. Tracy
10-13, 33, 42-43 News
28 The Unheralded, J. Wesley Eby
34 The Question Box
38 Nazarene Family
44 The Readers Write
47 Signs, Michael R. Estep



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