Herald of Holiness - June 15, 1976

A half-colored illustration of men, women, and children singing and sharing the Bible. The world covered by a church roof.
What is the Church of the Nazarene?

02 General Superintendents' Message
03 Quadrennial Theme: 1976-80
05 The General Assembly
06 General Officers Of The Church
08 General Board
Evangelism, Missions, Youth
10 Department Of Evangelism
12 Department Of Home Missions
16 Department Of World Missions
20 Nazarene World Missionary Society
Department Of Youth, Nazarene Young People's Society,
22 Servicemen's Commission
Christian Education
26 Department Of Church Schools
30 Department Of Education And The Ministry
32 Christian Service Training Commission
Publications And Communications
34 Department Of Publication And The Nazarene Publishing House
36 International Publications Board
38 Nazarene Communications Commission
Stewardship And Finance
42 Office Of The General Treasurer
44 General Stewardship Commission
46 Department Of Pensions And Benevolence
48 Division Of Life Income Gifts And Bequests
49 Nazarene Creed
50 Dr. Bresee Statement


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