Herald of Holiness - June 1, 1988

Nine children wearing medals and smiling up at the camera
Every Child a Winner Children's Week - June 5-12 Church of the Nazarene

4 Every Child A Winner in the Things That Really Matter, Miriam J. Hall
6 Helping Every Child to Be a Winner, Robert D. Troutman
7 The Parable of the Vacationer and His Son, Jim Spruce
10 Aids: The Challenge for Compassion, Steve Weber
11 Portugal May Be Small, But … Watch Out!, Ray Hendrix
12 Christianity, Presidents, and Politics, Bryan Stone
14 Givers or Takers, Fleming Parmer
15 In Memoriam D. I. Vanderpool
20 Urban Growth and the Church’s Task, J. Timothy Kauffman
21 Healing In Jesus’ Name, Verna Flowers

13 The Old Rusty Spade, Clessen K. Scoles

2 Our Most Prized Asset, General Superintendent: Raymond W. Hurn
8 Family Matters, the Forbidden Emotion - Dorothy Tarrant
9 The Editor's Standpoint, W. E. McCumber
18 Chaplains and Changed Lives, I Followed the Cadence Command - David F. Pendleton
23 By All Means, Angie Brought Her Mother - Lynda T. Boardman

22 Answer Corner
22 Letters
24 In the News
33 News of Religion
35 Late New


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