Herald of Holiness - January 5, 1972

An aerial view of hotels on a beach.

02 The Time is Ours by General Superintendent Jenkins

03 Prayer Proclamation by Board of General Superintendents

04 Yesterday, Today, and Forever! by Alice Hansche Mortenson

05 "What's 'Golden' About It?" by Kathryn Blackburn Peck

06 Custodians of Tomorrow by Milo L. Arnold

06 What Do You Say? by Laura Forinash

07 Preschoolers by Aarlie J. Hull

08 There are No Great Men by Eva J. Cummings

09 Turn Your Sunsets into Sunrises by C. Neil Strait

10 Perseverance Pays by Loyd McLaughlin

10 When God is Near by John W. May

11 The Holy Catholic Church by Ross W. Hayslip

12 Beware! Bad Dogma! by J.V. Wilbanks

13 Programming the Mind by John A. Knight

14 Adieu, 1971 - Hail, 1972 by A.E. Collins

15 Big Moments by Fred Floyd

16 Love Found a Way! by Geraldine Nicholas

17 Editorials by W.T. Purkiser

34 News of Religion

35 Answer Corner


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