Herald of Holiness - January 26, 1966

A young man gazing off in front of large evergreen trees.
Youth Week, 1966: ...Among the Restless Ones (See page 3.)

02 Guidance and Goodness by General Superintendent Powers 03 The Restless Ones by Paul Miller 05 Where Readiness Counts Most by Raymond C. Kratzer 06 Fired Up-Or Fed Up? by Bill Sharp 06 Our Abilities to Choose by J. J. Steele 07 No Young People Were There by Frankie Roland 08 How Much Do I Care? by Milton E. Poole 09 Redemptive Fellowship: What Is It? by Edward Thompson 10 Editorially Speaking by W. T. Purkiser 11 By Birth and Rebirth by Jack M. Scharn 12 The Church at Work 13 Hymn of the Month 14 News of Revival 15 Evangelists’ Slates 18 Late News 18 News of the Religious World 19 Key Words by Ralph Earle 19 The Answer Corner


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