Herald of Holiness - August 17, 1960

First page of Herald.

01 “For Such a Time as This” by General Superintendent Lewis

03 He Saw Them Toiling by Edith Carey

04 “The Things Which Happened” by E.W. Lawrence

05 Royalty Visited Me! By Pearl Burnside McKinney

05 My Heart Seeks But One Course by Dorothy C. Stroud

06 Our Thrills! By Pearl Derby Wright

06 Prayer Meeting by Frances B. Erickson

07 May God Save America! By A.S. London

08 The Unheralded Virtue by Ivan A. Beals

08 A Prayer by Janette C. Royce

09 “Channel My Thoughts” by Clara Flowers

09 A Neglected Field by Miles A. Simmons

10 Music Memoettes by Ovella Satre Shafer

11 Hidden Treasures of the Heart by Regina Evans

12 Editorials by Stephen S. White

14 Christ-Living by Zuma L. Jones

14 The Lord Stood with Me, and Strengthened by Mrs. W.M. Franklin

17 The Question Box by Stephen S. White

19 Religious News & Comments by Wilson R. Lanpher

19 News of the Churches


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