Herald of Holiness - April 23, 1975

A collage of Nazarene colleges--Eastern Nazarene College in the background, Point Loma, Mount Vernon, and Northwest Nazarene.
Nazarene College Day April 27. Angell Hall, Religion Building at Eastern Nazarene College; An aerial shot of Point Loma College, the quad at Mount Vernon Nazarene College, and a basketball game at Northwest Nazarene College.

02 Our Educational Commitments by General Superintendent George Coulter
03 Nazarene College Goals by Kenneth H. Pearsall
04 The Challenge by Edward S. Mann
06 The Word Speaks by Harold W. Reed
07 Scattering and Withholding by R. Curtis Smith
08 Word Wisdom by Don W. Hall
09 Christian Success - Person- or Task-Centered? Ronald F. Gray
10 The Pursuit of Christian Maturity by L.S. Oliver
12 Victory Over Fear by Mark R. Moore
13 "This Is the Way" by Hugh Rae
14 "Be Ye Therefore Perfect" by Leslie Parrott
16 Commitment to Tasks by Laura Mae Douglass
17 Editorials by W.T. Purkiser
18a College Pictorial
30 News of Religion
31 Answer Corner
34 "By All Means": Dennis by Alan R. Dicer


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