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Herald of Holiness - April 20, 1966

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Hugh C. Benner
James Cochran
Ross Hayslip
Willis E. Snowbarger
Harold W. Morris
Milo L. Arnold
Pearl O. Burnside McKinney
Sharron Lucky
Ark, Jr. Noel
Gloria Willingham
Robert L. Owen
Young college-aged men standing on the steps in front of a columned building.
Choosing Your Grandchildren (See page 9.) A Case for Christian Education (See page 6.) Christian Education Sunday, April 24

02 Surrender Without Bitterness by General Superintendent Benner

03 The Realism of Faith by James Cochran

05 Losing Ourselves by Ross Hayslip

06 Nazarene Colleges: What Difference Do They Make? by Dr. Willis Snowbarger

08 Commitment and Faith Key to Sanctified Life by Harold W. Morris

09 Choosing Your Grandchildren by Milo L. Arnold

10 Editorially Speaking by W. T. Purkiser

11 Storm by Pearl B. McKinney

12 Following Footsteps by Sharron Lucky

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