Gary Allen Henecke

Gary Allen Henecke has served the Church of the Nazarene in Oregon and Tennessee congregations.

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Herald of Holiness - January 15, 1981

William E. McCumber
V. H. Lewis
Stephen W. Nease
Al Truesdale
J. Kenneth Grider
C. Neil Strait
Oscar F. Reed
Neil Hightower
Jim Spruce
Richard S. Taylor
Robert E. Maner
Luther S. Watson
Wally Johnston
Unzell Simmons East
James V. Wilbanks
Gary Allen Henecke
Raymond C. Kratzer
Keith A. Pagan
Paul D. Buchanan
The silhouette of a bell against a yellow and blue sunrise.
Nazarene Theological Seminary Sunday January 25, 1981

2 Warning!, General Superintendent: V. H. Lewis
3 "Scholarship...Permeated by the Divine Presence", Stephen W. Nease
4 Letters
5 The Other Fall from Grace, Al Truesdale
6 We're Celebrating Holiness (a poem), J. Kenneth Grider
7 The Law of Reserved Right, C. Neil Strait
8 How to Survive A Sermon - And Like It!, Oscar F. Reed
9 From the H. F. Reynolds' Papers
10 The Inward Culture of the Soul, Neil E. Hightower
11 Losing the Luster, Jim Spruce

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Herald of Holiness - June 15, 1980

William E. McCumber
Board of General Superintendents
Bill M. Sullivan
Raymond W. Hurn
Mark R. Moore
Jerald Johnson
Wanda Knox
Honorato Reza
Paul Skiles
Richard Spindle
Miriam Hall
Gary Allen Henecke
Kenneth S. Rice
Leon D. Doane
Dean Wessels
Mervel A. (Bud) Lunn
B. Edgar Johnson
Norman O. Miller
Paul W. Spear
The Kansas City skyline at night.
Church of the Nazarene/ Twentieth General Assembly/ June 19-27, 1980/ Kansas City, Missouri

2 Welcome, Board of General Superintendents
6 Our Mission

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Herald of Holiness - September 15, 1987

William E. McCumber
Charles Strickland
Earl B. Wheeler
Verla Oke Lambert
Phyllis Hartley Howard
E. Ruth Glover
Robert Hempel
Floyd J. Perkins
Stan Ingersol
Roger M. Williams
Ross Hayslip
William H. Bray
Joseph Harshman
Gary Allen Henecke
Alice Hansche Mortenson
Glen Lewis Van Dyne
Carlton Hansen
Harold L. Bowlby
Frank Dizmang
Nazarene Bible College's bell tower against a blue sky with white clouds.
Nazarene Bible College Offering October 11

2 Biblical Discipleship, General Superintendent: Charles H. Strickland
3 The Nazarene Bible College Experience, Earl B. Wheeler
4 Letters
5 Where Women Prepare for Ministry, Verla Oke Lambert
6 God is the Reason We Are Here, Phyllis H. Perkins
7 Filled Up, Poured Out (a Poem), E. Ruth Glover
7 “Because You Gave…”, Robert Hempel
8 From the “Ivory Tower” to the “Grass Roots”, Floyd J. Perkins
9 Nazarene Roots: Theology for Life and Ministry, Stan Ingersol
10 The Evolution of Trimble Library, Roger M. Williams

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