Derek W. Rosenberger

Derek W. Rosenberger is a professor at Olivet Nazarene University in the Zoology program. He specializes in conversation biology and the effects of food, habitat and environment on animal populations and community composition. He is married to Ashley and father to Isaac, Nehemiah, and Levi.

Information gathered from "Derek Rosenberger." (2020). Olivet Nazarene University.

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Data for Rosenberger & Conforti. Native and agricultural grassland use by stable and declining bumble bees in Midwestern North America. Insect Cons. & Div.

Derek W. Rosenberger
McKenna Conforti

The data set used by the authors for their research into the habitat of bumble bees in Midwestern North America in their article published in Insect Conservation and Diversity in September 2020.