Carl Clendenen

Carl Clendenen, Jr. served in the United States Navy as a medic in the 1940s. He pastored in the Church of the Nazarene in Ohio, was elected as district superintendent for Northwest Ohio and then Oregon Pacific. In 1985 he moved to Colorado to serve as a professor of church planting and church growth at Nazarene Bible College. He was married to Doris and father to Marcia, Brenda, and Cintra.

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Herald of Holiness - September 15, 1986

William E. McCumber
Charles Strickland
R. T. Bolerjack
Jerry D. Lambert
Neil Wiseman
Stan Ingersol
Carl Clendenen
Michael Estep
Yeghia Babikian
William David Gebby
Jose C. Rodriguez
Park D. Burkhart
B. Edgar Johnson
Charles Hastings Smith
Alpin P. Bowes
George W. Rice
Don Ballard
An angular building with a tower of three bells on the right above a rock wall that says Nazarene Bible College.
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7 Nazarene Roots: The Greenville Camp Meeting and the Roots of Institutional Life, Stan Ingersol
8 The Larger Picture, Carl B. Clendenen
9 Ethnic Ministerial Training: Expanded Vision for Nazarene Bible College, Michael Estep

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Herald of Holiness - September 15, 1988

William E. McCumber
Jerry D. Lambert
Rene' Frederick Tetro
Carl Clendenen
R. T. Bolerjack
William H. Bray
LaVerne Anderson
Ralph Scott
Jay Budd
Nina Beegle
Don Frye
John, Jr. Hay
Richard A. Miller
Raymond W. Hurn
Stan Ingersol
Marion K Rich
Elaine Cunningham
Adult students taking notes in a classroom.
Nazarene Bible College Offering October 9/ More than Teaching Subjects/ Where is your Brother Abel?/ Holiness and Peach Preserves/ Church of the Nazarene

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5 The Nazarene Bible College Experience, Rene Frederick Tetro
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8 The Invaluable Taste, William H. Bray
10 Holiness and Peach Preserves, LaVerne Anderson
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12 Person in Process, Jay Budd
14 Singing Arouses Neighbors and Local Reporter, Nina E. Beegle
16 Child Sponsorship - The Jackson Story, Don Frye

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