Alvin S. Lawhead

Alvin S. Lawhead was professor of Old Testament at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University and Nazarene Theological Seminary.

Information compiled from Herald of Holiness - January 15, 1988 and

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Herald of Holiness - December 1, 1986

William E. McCumber
Raymond W. Hurn
Darrell Tidwell
Board of General Superintendents
Alvin S. Lawhead
Joyce A. Chandler
R. Guilford, Jr. Fitz
M. H. Rozzell
James Daniel Milligan
Dean Wessels
E. Ruth Glover
Wesley Sullivan
Charles E. Baldwin
David F. Nixon
Janet Westley
Bonnie R. Benedix
Marjorie Jantz Owens
A daughter, father, son, and mother sit on a couch studying the Bible.
Special Insert: 6th International Laymen's Conference July 1-5, 1987

2 Social Service – Fruit or Focus?, General Superintendent: Raymond W. Hurn
3 A Lesson in Compassion, Darrell Tidwell
4 Letters
5 Feeding the Hungry, Board of General Superintendents
6 Redemption Language in the Old Testament, Alvin S. Lawhead
7 Bible Beacons (a Poem), Joyce A. Chandler
7 Ease of Heart in the CCU, R. Guilford Fitz
8 The Good News in Four Dimensions, M. H. Rozzell
9 Spanning the Gap (a Poem), James Daniel Milligan
10 Pensions: “Serving Those Who Serve”, Dean Wessels

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Herald of Holiness - January 15, 1983

William E. McCumber
William M. Greathouse
Terrell C., Jr. Sanders
Paul Orjala
Charles "Chic" Shaver
Harold Raser
J. Kenneth Grider
Stan Meek
Chester O. Galloway
Al Truesdale
Oscar F. Reed
Steve Cooley
Alex Deasley
Rob L. Staples
Mary Anne Miller
Wesley D. Tracy
Charles Gailey
Robert E. Crabtree
Morris A. Weigelt
Alvin S. Lawhead
Robert E. Maner
Evelyn Stenbock Ditty
Frances M. Robinson
The entry of Nazarene Theological Seminary; inset of a professor teaching a class.
Seminary Sunday January 30, 1983; Photo ID: Dr. Oscar F Reed teaching homiletics.

2 A Great Vision Fulfilled, General Superintendent: William M. Greathouse
3 Christ Made the Difference, Terrell C. (Jack) Sanders, Jr.
4 Letters
5 A Happy Life, Paul R. Orjala
6 “Can God Be Real To Me Too?”, Charles “Chic” Shaver
7 Agents of Grace, Harold E. Raser
8 Doors Opened Wide, J. Kenneth Grider
9 My Difficulty (a Poem), Stan Meek
9 Clear Calls from God, Chester O. Galloway
10 The Surprises of Grace, Al Truesdale
10 Son of the Church, Oscar F. Reed

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Herald of Holiness - January 15, 1988

William E. McCumber
Terrell C., Jr. Sanders
Alvin S. Lawhead
Harold Raser
Terry Read
Albert J. Lown
Marilyn L. Christmore
Lola M. Williams
Susan N. Grantham
William M. Greathouse
Stan Ingersol
Carol Zurcher
Caroline Gilroy
A evergreen forest with sunlight streaming through the branches.
Nazarene Theological Seminary "Deeply rooted in things that really matter" Seminary Sunday - January 31 Church of the Nazarene

Cover Photo Credit: Camerique (Supplied by Nazarene Theological Seminary)

4 The Things That Matter Most, Terrell C. Sanders, Jr.
5 The Authority of Scripture, Alvin S. Lawhead
6 Nazarene Theological Seminary - Deeply Rooted In Our Holiness Heritage, Harold E. Raser
8 Contemporary Issues in a Global Church, Terry Read
10 Not Above, Albert J. Lown
12 Our Forgotten People, Marilyn L. Christmore
14 Edward Lawlor in Memoriam
17 Making “Golden Years" Count, Lola M. Williams

Love Reborn, Susan N. Grantham

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