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John Cunningham, Elaine Cunningham

Ity boky ity dia mitantara ireo dingana voalohany tamin’ny fanorenana ny Fiangonan’ny Nazareana. Mijo-ro vavolombelona momba ny fomba mazava sy malalaka ny fitarihan’Andriamanitra. Diapenina nokalian’i John sy ny reniny, mahavariana ny mamaky azy. Mampaha-fantatra mikasika ny antson’ny misionera amin’ny fia-raha-monina misy ankehitriny.

Church of the Nazarene

The Nazarene logo is a symbol of our identity, our priorities, and our future. This new artwork was introduced at the 28th General Assembly in 2013.

From this page, you are able to download the artwork for the new logo. Also, you may download a video about the history of the logo.


The official seal of the Church of the Nazarene symbolizes the corporate identity of the denomination. Former General Secretary B.

Neville Bartle
Toro-lalana tsotra ho an’ny mpikambana eto amin’ny Fiangonan’ny Nazareana
Boky toro-lalan’ny Fiangonan’ny Nazareana 2009 – 2013 natao amin’ny fomba tsotra sy mora, nataon’i Neville Bartle.
Názáreti Egyház


The official sourcebook of church government and bylaws, history, doctrine, ritual, and policy of the Church of the Nazarene. Contains all new legislation enacted by the delegates to the 2005 General Assembly.

Stéphane Tibi

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