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Brian McCord

Care of the trauma patient historically has had a strong focus on clinical management during the resuscitative and critical phases of care.

Heather Garcia

Anxiety is high in parents with children undergoing a posterior spinal fusion.

Gabrielle Ellerbrock

This thesis argues that it is only through a reordering and redirecting of its love towards the highest good, which is God, and with the help of the Church as a guide to do so, that humanity can once again enjoy the purpose for which it was created – love of God

Jennifer Gomez

This present study used survey data from 12 leaders volunteering for the Sports for Exceptional Athletes Non-Profit Organization, located in San Diego, CA.

Lisa Hill

The objective of this study was to evaluate sleep disturbances, review treatment methods, and develop a plan of treatment options utilizing sleep hygiene methods.

Joshua White

In this study a design-based research approach was applied in the creation of a data-rich problem (DRP) task intended to improve student achievement in cellular respiration at the ecosystem level; an identified area of difficulty and an area of focus in the Next Generation Science Standard

Sandra Leydens

With 108,335 people on kidney replacement therapy in the United States, the need for kidney transplantation has increased.

Vivien Lim

A cross-sectional study was conducted among 134 nursing personnel to explore attitudes and experience in adopting electronic health record, evaluate preliminary psychometric properties of Electronic Health Record Benefits (EHR-Benefits) scale and investigate the