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Heather Wyma

Challenges exist among hospital staff in performing high quality cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) according to the 2010 international guidelines. Effective and uninterrupted chest compressions have demonstrated improved patient outcomes.

Jessica Sphar

Concepts in evolution are introduced at the middle school level, but are taught in more depth at the high school level. Students come in with prior conceptions of evolution that influence student learning in the classroom.

Today, more children in the United States are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes, and pediatric AIDS combined.

Matthew Nasont

Evolution, by means of natural selection, is a core concept central to understanding biology.

Melissa Meehan

Given the projected increasing shortage of well-prepared nurses, particularly at the baccalaureate level, the climate of limited resources for adequate RN training, and high attrition rates among NNs, it is imperative every effort is made to effectively prepare a

Theses produced by graduating seniors in Northwest Nazarene University's Math & Computer Science department

Denise Nielsen

This action learning project analyzes the two and a half year lifespan of a small gift shop located in an upscale shopping and tourist district near San Diego, Ca.

Kristine Velasco

Central line-associated bloodstream infections are one of the leading causes of health care associated infections.