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April 23, 1903
Editor: Rev. J. O. McClurkan, Rev. M. Pike, Associate editor.
Nashville, TN: Pentecostal Mission Publishing Company.
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Jocelyn Atkins

To achieve safe patient care, effective communication among health care team members is needed. Lack of communication is the leading cause of sentinel events in the perioperative setting.

Wendy Silva

Skin, the largest organ of the human body, has many important functions; among them are thermoregulation, acting as a barrier against toxins, and secreting water and electrolytes.

Casey Vogel

Because students in middle school through high school demonstrate persistent alternative conceptions regarding atoms and cells and their functional relationships, it is important to investigate ways in which to refine and correct these ideas so that students have

Melissa Tucker

Abstract: The United States is a country founded on religious liberty and is one of, if not the most, religiously diverse countries in the world. Religious diversity has flourished under the United States’ separation of church and state.

Jessica Sorgi

 As the population continues to age, more patients are dying in healthcare facilities than ever before (Bercovitz et al., 2008); nurses need to be prepared to provide end-of-life care to this population.

Tatyana Rusakova

The growing ethnically and racially diversity of the American population has a direct impact on healthcare providers. Immigration and demographic trends suggest that increasingly the U.S. elderly patient populations are linguistically and culturally diverse.

Karoly Tippets-Russell

Higher education science researchers have postulated that understanding variation is a threshold concept in biology. Variation is evident in all living organisms yet is often overlooked as important or impactful in the process of natural selection.

Sarah Schleifer

As nursing has developed as a profession, the role of nurse-physician communication and how it relates to patient outcomes has been a focus of research.