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Sandra Hnizdo, Raquel Archuleta

Note: The co-author of this thesis is Raquel Archuleta. See the attached thesis cover page.

Billy Blankenship

The thesis of this study is that the function of the lamb metaphor in Revelation 5 serves to reveal the nature of God and the way God achieves victory over evil.

Maria Silva

In this study, a design-based research approach was used in the creation of data-rich problem (DRP) tasks intended to support students constructing knowledge about food webs and ecosystem dynamics, specifically the effects from a loss of species.

Marilyn Reed

Although many teachers consider dissection an important educational tool, it is mainly used to reinforce information previously gained by studying anatomy and physiology.

Christy Porter

In this study, the quality of small group discussions stimulated by concept cartoons on the topic of cell division was examined in a class of sixteen high school agriculture biology students.

Jeffery McComas

A prospective, observational study utilizing time-and-motion technique and a retrospective review of hospital Midas+ database were conducted to compare the medication administration efficiency and monthly rate of medication errors before and after the implementat

Kira Wong

Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to provide the best care for their patients. They are not only starting to be held accountable for preventable problems, but are being scrutinized based on patient outcomes.