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Phineas F. Bresee

Sermon outlnes of Phineas Bresee, prepared in book form.

J. B. Chapman

An analysis and clarification of the basic terms used in reference to Christian holiness.

C. W. Ruth

C. W. Ruth reasons and seeks out connections and deduces sound conclusions, treating temptation as it may appear in the experiences and lives of others.

Thomas C. Upham

Dr. Upham, professor of mental and moral philosophy, taught the glorious truth of entire sanctification. Some articles from him have been abridged here.

J. Glen Gould

Here is a scholarly, yet simple and direct, treatment of the atonement.

Russell V. Delong

A short book about Christ.

O. Glenn McKinley

The author seeks to save some from grievous error and point all to the saving and keeping power of Christ.

C. B. Jernigan

An examination of the doctrine of entire sanctification as understood in the Holiness Movement.

Olive Winchester

From the author’s foreword…”The purpose in writing this book has been to give in quick review an account of Hebrew history and literature. It seeks to cover the Old Testament field for the Christian Service Training Course of the Church of the Nazarene.”