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Hugh C. Benner

Abstract: Singing Disciples is written, not as an exhaustive treatise on church music, but as a brief, practical manual designed to assist the average church and the average church musician "toward better church music." Those interested in a more formal or liturgical type of service will find nothing of any particular interest h

Mervel A. Lunn



A Week's Meditations On Stewardship
Poem: -- Life's Stewardship

1--You Are a Steward
2--Your Stewardship of Love
3--Your Stewardship of Time
4--Your Stewardship of Talent
5--Your Stewardship of Money
6--Weighed in the Balance

Clarence Ellsworth Cornell

from Publisher's Foreward:

J. W. (John Wesley) Goodwin

Part 1
God's Claim on Stewardship

Part 2
Tithing the Touchstone

Part 3
A Few Questions on Tithing

Part 4
A Few Testimonials on Tithing

J. G. Morrison

Satan has always manifested a peculiar hatred for woman. Just why, it is hard to say. It is quite possible that it is because she has superior qualities to man. The enemy, no doubt, realizes that she is really the more game fighter of the two. That if he does get her, it is no trick at all to get the man.

Basil William Miller

This book is a biography of Rev. (Mrs.) Susan. N. Fitkin.

From Preface:

"Without question Rev. (Mrs.) S. N. Fitkin is the most outstanding woman of the Church of the Nazarene and one of the great missionary leaders of the twentieth century."

Peter Wiseman


Elmer Ellsworth Shelhamer

Taken from the Introduction:

Horace G. Cowan

"This is one of the few books of Christian fiction that weaves into the framework of a captivating plot the experience of full salvation.

John Marvin Hames


01 -- The Secret Place Of The Most High
02 -- According To The Pattern
03 -- Some Qualities Of A Successful Minister
04 -- Eagle Saints
05 -- Things That Are Lovely