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Balraj spent his life in India chasing drugs and alcohol, but was dissatisfied and tried to commit suicide. After his wife fasted for 40 days and nights, Balraj watched the JESUS film and started on a new path toward ordination.

Lorenza shares her testimony on how the Magdalena film changed her life. Jesus Film teams use this film to minister to women around the world.

An introduction to JESUS Film Harvest Partners.

An overview of the JFHP backpack set of equipment.

The JESUS Film used for evangelism and church-growth.

The JESUS Film is changing lives.

JESUS Film Harvest Partners: Sharing God's love with the lost to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Mathais tells the story of how the Jesus Film has worked full circle in his life.

MalariaCube™ is an engaging tool to help educate and inform people on the causes, treatment, and prevention of Malaria. MalariaCube™ unfolds to simply and clearly reveal important facts that help the viewer identify and understand how they can protect themselves and others against Malaria.

Offer HOPE in desperation. The re-designed HIV HopeCube is a unique, interactive resource to educate and inform people on the causes, prevention, and treatment of HIV and AIDS, as well as ways to provide comfort and support to those already afflicted with the disease.