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Jorge L. Julca

The essays presented by Crofford-Maluleka, Nhlengethwa-Nkhata, Gonis and Velasco address different topics concerning the contextualization of the mission of the Church of the Nazarene in this century.

The official sourcebook of church government and bylaws, history, doctrine, ritual, and policy of the Church of the Nazarene.

Easy-to-read version of "The Articles of Faith" in global English.

Taken from The Manual of the Church of the Nazarene, 2013-2017.

Taken from The Manual of the Church of the Nazarene, 2013-2017

The Church of the Nazarene's Articles of Faith are the official doctrinal statements of the denomination. These sixteen articles cover a wide range of biblical and theological beliefs.

Phoebe Palmer

In the 1840s, Phoebe wrote and published three major books – The Way of Holiness (1843), Entire Devotion to God (1845), and Faith and its Effects (1848) – and more books followed. In all, Phoebe wrote eighteen books of practical theology, biography and poetry.

John Wesley

Sermons on Several Occasions is a collection of 141 sermons compiled into five series.

In his first series, John Wesley presents what the Bible says concerning the way to heaven.

William M. Greathouse

For many people discovering perfect love seems a frustrating and futile search. Even Christians who accept God as a loving Father have difficulty with defining the abstract concepts of holiness, sanctification and, in turn, perfect love. In the form of exposition and exercise, Dr.

Philip N.. LaFountain

This dissertation is an exercise in practical theology, which investigates and responds to the problem of changing holiness identity in the Church of the Nazarene.

Everett Leadingham, Albert F. Harper, A. Elwood Sanner

Other contributors include Thomas Barnard, Chester Galloway, Ronald Gray, Don Hughes, K. S. Rice, J. Ottis Sayes, and F. Franklyn Wise.

Foundations, curriculum, and structures of Christian education in textbook format. Ideal for church administration and Sunday School teachers.

C. Neil Strait

Subtitle: Meditations for Lent

From the Preface:

Lent is a spiritually enriching time. … It affords an opportunity to move within the shadows of the Cross and linger for a while. And, as always when one has been to Calvary, he returns to life more adequate. Great trusths have fed his soul.