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Joel Thiessen

Nearly 50 percent of Canadian teens never attend religious services, and one-third say they have “no religion” – both all-time highs in Canada. What cultural, social, familial, and congregational influences shape and reflect young people’s approach to Christianity?

Helen Thiessen

This workshop brings together Canadian youth leaders to hear updates from each other about events and strategies in youth ministry.

David Skidmore

Many people are puzzled by lagging church numbers and a seeming unresponsiveness to the gospel. Others feel that Canadian society is uninterested in Christianity. Some leaders think their churches or they themselves are too old or too young or too set in ministry patterns to break through this societal indifference.

Gary Peter Nawrocki

This workshop highlights the importance of community in spiritual development and how our individualistic tendencies often short circuit what God wants to do in the life of His people. The doctrine of Trinity reminds us that God is in constant community and calls God’s people to enter that fellowship.

Mark Buchanan

All our busyness is not making us more fruitful – indeed, sometimes the opposite. This workshop explores why Sabbath-keeping is a foundational spiritual practice and will look at ways to receive the day.

Jason Underwood

This workshop explores the culture our students find themselves in each day. No matter what we do, shield them from, or offer them, they are affected by culture. It is our responsibility to know and understand this setting in order to challenge them to chase Christ, not culture.

Teanna Sunberg

This workshop moves beyond the topic of awareness to explore the practical reality of a Church mobilized to end the issue of modern slavery: sexual trafficking, illegal labor, and organ harvesting. You will encounter a discussion that draws upon Wesleyan theology as the impetus for a practical and a hopeful response from the Church.

Greg Story

We will always experience conflict, but the Word of God gives us clear guidelines on conflict resolution. In most cases we ignore the guidelines and create more discord. Conflict gives us a great opportunity to grow in spiritual maturity and demonstrate the attitude of Christ.

Dana Preusch

Younger pastors crave the wise and careful attentiveness of more seasoned ministers in their lives. This workshop presents basic guidelines for finding or becoming a mentor, suggested topics/resources for your meetings, and a discussion about the variety of ways mentoring relationships can happen.

Jesse C. Middendorf

The skills and practices of leadership are an essential part of the duties of a pastor. But, is there a difference between leadership practices in the church and those in the business environment? This workshop will address the distinguishing characteristic so necessary to leadership in the Church.