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Samuel L. Brengle

This book was written by an officer in the Salvation Army, Commissioner Samuel L. Brengle (1860-1936).  It "is intended to help every reader of its pages into the immediate enjoyment of Bible holiness" (Preface to the first edition).


Richard S. Taylor

Right living and right thinking will come only to the Christian who understands what the New Testament means by ’sin.’ Dr. Taylor discusses this theme under the following headings:

Harry Edward Jessop

A classic series of individual studines on entire sanctification.

Described as, "A Students' Handbook on Holiness." Opening line of Preface: "This book, as its subtitle indicates is a series of studies on full salvation truth."

Table of Contents

Éditions Foi et Sainteté (Faith and Holiness Publications) is the imprint for French Publications for the Church of the Nazarene. Administered by Global Nazarene Publications, it works with the Nazarene regional structure to produce and distribute needed resources.

The Collegiate Quartet

Singing the Classics; 1959.

The Collegians

The Collegians: 1975-1976, Bethany Nazarene College; vocal members include John Dorough, Tim Marvin, Steve Coleman, and John Haines

The College Men Four

A Mighty Fortress is Our God: 1967-1968, Bethany Nazarene College; vocal members include Jim Dillow, Steve Langford, Doug Grant, and Vince Snowbarger

The Collegiate Quartet

Called Unto Holiness: 1964/1965, Bethany Nazarene College; vocal members include Bob Rist, Charles Isbell, Wayne Brown, and Tim Whittaker.

The Collegiate Quartet

To God be the Glory: 1963-1964, Bethany Nazarene College; vocal members include Ray Cook, Hardy Weathers, Wayne Rice, and Justin Rice

The Collegiate Quartet

As a Volunteer: 1961-1962, Bethany Nazarene College; vocal members include Don Morgan, Larry Lewis, Barth Smith, and Ira Lee Cox.